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What We Do

Active Learning, Perfected.

Stepwise, hands-on learning to improve student engagement.

The Ideal Solution for the Flipped Classroom.

Prior to class, students master...
  • Our active learning tutorials
  • High-yield quizzes
  • Clinical correlations

During class, you provide...
  • Problem sets
  • Lecture-based learning
  • Discussion groups

Improve Student Performance

“By completing the Draw it to Know it tutorials prior to class, student performance is at its highest level in 10 years.”

— Gammon M. Earhart, PhD, Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine

  • Learning Engagement
  • Class-Time Efficiency
  • Knowledge Retention

Instructor Pilot


30 Day FREE ACCESS for you and your students to any course.

Additional Features
  • Study Plan customized to your syllabus.
  • Analytics on your students' tutorial and quiz performance.
  • Teaching Slides so you can use our drawings in your class.